So, you want to learn SEO??

Offcourse you are! So, How to start your SEO Training when every other Digital Marketing Course in the market is full of fake dreams and promises. They just only help in giving you false dream by telling they will train you, provide you jobs and life will be easy. With this, You might be thinking I am a freak. But if you don’t believe me just try it yourself.

Check out yourself!!

A Brief of myself – I won’t take much of your time.

SEO training by pradeep kumar

This is an old Photo… haha

We are SEO Services Delhi, Myself Pradeep Kumar. I am into Search Engine Optimization from the past 8 Years. I have worked with hundreds of sites, companies, and blogs in order to bring their rank up in Google. In companies, my jobs was to hire new SEO and train them with the required skills in order to improve site rankings. At times, I have interviewed students from all these fancy Digital Marketing institutions and you will get surprised to know I rejected most of them as they are unable to answer basic SEO questions. A while ago, I quit my job and willing to train students future SEO with proper knowledge and experience I have gathered in the past couple of years.

Well, that’s later thing. Our first goal is to just check out the reality and figure out what’s best for you.

Before we get started with finding the best SEO training institute for you need to aware of a few basics of Search Results.

There are two types of search results for everything you have ever searched.

  • Organic Search Results
  • Paid Search Results

Organic Search Results: When you search anything on Google, as a search engines its primary goal is to deliver the best search results according to your Search query (Keywords).

Paid Search Results (PPC): Search Engines as Google and Bings earn a major share of income with their ad network. PPC is Pay Per Click, its an advertising platform made for businesses to get customers & business to their online website. Search Engines charge them on the basis of click they have given to advertiser.

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How to Find the best SEO Training Institute in Delhi?

So, Now its time for a quick experiment.

Here I have searched “Digital Marketing” over google and look what I found “Ads“. If you are aware of it, you might ignore them and go with organic results.

best seo training in delhi

I found these three ads running for the term “Digital Marketing“. You can see, these are well-optimized ad copies having catchy headings and description. Two of them also has a phone number on it, making it easier for you to get in touch with them.

Now, as you wanted to learn SEO. It’s your time to call them and get to know what they are offering and here’s the interesting part starts.

With this call, they will let you know everything about this call, some fancy dreams, job opportunities, practicals, fee structure ( Obviously you can submit in installments as well ) industrial training… bla bla bla ! They will also insist you for a visit at their institute.

If I am right all these institutes fee is or around 40,000 INR or higher. We have also come across some of the institutions charging 80,000 INR as well, might be they have Niel Patel / Harsh Aggarwal as a trainer or … You know what I mean.

search engine optimisation training

Time for a Trick – Ignore all of them

Let’s suppose you might be the guy who is interested in SEO & Digital Marketing and wanted to join SEO training courses but now you want to do something else and changed your mind. They will keep calling you until you pick again. Now, its time to pick and say them you aren’t interested in Digital Marketing anymore. Do you think they will hang up the call?

Of course Not!

Instead, now they will say what’s the reason? Let us know we are here to change your mind again. They will try to make you join or visit their center because that will be pretty easy to brainwash you.

Now, I think by the time you have realized it. They all are call centers and they are meant to bring leads to these institutes (with more admissions). It’s their job and they are pretty much good at it.

But, there’s something you might wanna learn here.

Spending 80,000 INR fee for a Digital Marketing Course that doesn’t provide even proper knowledge isn’t a good deal. They don’t even provide Placement as well that is why on their site’s they have written “100% Placement Assistant“.

You all might have thought of doing SEO Job in a company after the course, but in order to get the job, you might have some knowledge as well. As said earlier, I have rejected most of the candidates for lack of SEO basics.

No companies want to hire people who don’t have basics clear or if they, you will be another Data Entry operator with no future.

My words may be harsh, but that’s the reality.

Now, you might be thinking about which SEO Training Institute to join now?

Well, the answer is pretty much simple. You don’t need to join any institute to gain knowledge it’s all available over the internet. But still, the problem remains, you can’t trust which info is right, what are the working SEO techniques. Well to solve this problem, I have a less expensive, full of knowledge and practical SEO training program for you. Although it’s not free, also not as costly as you will find with Paid Google Results.

The Internet is like water, it’s available everywhere. But not all water is drinkable, you need pure one to drink. Same as, not everything you found on Internet is real or optable.

We don’t claim any fancy dreams. We believe in delivering the best knowledge to our students.

SEO Training, SEO Course

Best SEO Training in Delhi / NCR

If you are interested, I would like to bring the content of this SEO training course. Its 3 month SEO course where you will learn everything about SEO from basic to advance with practical knowledge as well.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

What is SEO?

– On page SEO

  • Content is King
  • AMP
  • Get into Snippet

– Off Page SEO

  • Backlink Overview
  • Which hat? (White / Black / Grey)
  • Tiered link building
  • PBN
  • Go Viral
  • Authority building


– Competition Analysis

– How to choose a niche

– Keyword Research

Let’s Go Digital

– CMS Overview

– Get a look & feel that works

Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Google Webmaster

Google Analytics

Google Adwords

Facebook Marketing

Let’s Grow big (Growth Hacking)

Course Duration:

  • 3 Months (alternate days)
  • 3-4 Hours (Theory + Practical)

Course Fee: 25000 INR

The fee is only to provide the best knowledge to students or people looking to learn digital marketing. This includes testing well-known SEO Tools worth 50,000+ INR.


Well, with this course we will clear all your doubts and will make you SEO ninja. So, a job will not be gonna any issue. The web is growing fast and with growth, there is a need for SEO / Digital Markers to take of it. Yes, we will provide you placement opportunities and with this SEO training program I can say this, wherever you go after this course you will get placed easily.

Environment & Location:

Well, we are not equipped with all those materialist goods. What else you need to learn SEO??? A table, chairs, laptop, whiteboard and me. Sounds good. Currently, We are located in West Delhi.